Proof Colin Kaepernick CAN Make a Touch Pass

This is for those ignorant fools out there that actually claim 49ers Quarterback Colin Kaepernick can’t throw a football with “touch”.   Guess what you will find some touch passes in the above video (and these were all from what critics call a “down year” from Colin).(Dear Tim Hasselback: When you actually play a season as a starting NFL quarterback, please watch these plays before your next critique of an actual starting NFL quarterback).
0:25: TOUCH THROW TD on the run after getting tripped up
0:45: TOUCH THROW TD off Play Action
1:08: TOUCH PASS Across His Body Falling Back
1:42: TOUCH PASS 30 Yard Vertical (Hitting Receiver in Stride)
1:45: TOUCH PASS TD To The Front Corner of the End Zone (Directing His Receiver)
1:58: This was a Stupid Russell Wilson type throw into double coverage.
2:15: TOUCH PASS TD 40 Yard Touch Pass Hitting Receiver in Stride (Trust me..he can throw it further)
2:41: Great Throw Down The Middle of the Field Leading Crab (ESPN Commentary, “Great Route By Crabtree”)
2:55: TOUCH PASS on the run across his body to lead Brandon Lloyd down the sideline
2:29: TOUCH THROW TD on what is perhaps one of the sickest throws I have ever seen from an NFL quarterback. This was “The Catch” but with a busted play and greater difficulty.
3:33: TOUCH PASS from the pocket to a covered receiver. 19 out of 20 passes from any QB to Boldin with that coverage end up incomplete.
4:07: TOUCH PASS TD, where Kaepernick’s running ability and pump fake to the short receiver (who was also open), completely freezes the defense…..Kap connects with Boldin on a TD pass while on the run (Great chemistry between Kap and Boldin…the kind that we thought would develop between him and Crabtree)
4:36: TOUCH PASS TD – Some solid protection allows Colin to find Boldin for on a deep flag route. Another Kaepernick Touch Pass for a TD.  Don’t you hate it when he tries to extend a play and holds on to the ball.
5:24: TOUCH PASS TD where Kaepernick steps up in the pocket to hit Boldin for a TD from the 25 yard line in what looks like a “flick of the wrist”. This may be the stuff that Kap is working on refining. But, the what the hell do I know (Fact: I’m not a quarterback coach).  Also, I could care less how it gets done. It’s a TD and it was much more fun to watch than your “prototypical pocket passer”.


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Lou Palumbo

Lou Palumbo is a freelance sports writer and professional sports betting analyst. Lou has worked for several sports handicapping services throughout the country as a beat writer and researcher. At 32 years old, he's been a 49ers fan his entire life. From a young age, he traveled to countless stadiums across the country to see the 49ers play and was alive for every 49ers Superbowl. Plays like; "The Catch", Young-to-Owens TD against the packers, Montana to Taylor (Bengals), Alex Smith to Vernon Davis (divisional playoff vs. the Saints), Kaepernick Rushing Record in the (NFC Wildcard against the Packers) give him chills to this day. He will be the last guy to ever move on from bad beats like the No Holding Call in the 2012 Superbowl (vs the Ravens). But, win or lose, every Sunday, Lou is dialed in, watching every play of fro the 49ers and looking at the team from a broad-minded perspective. Lou has lots of insight on the 49ers and is a "Wiser 49er Fan"